These resources describe how to submit samples or reserve time on instruments via the RMHC Calpendo system.

Getting Started with SLU Calpendo Website

Go to and click Register new user.

Note: The website will eventually be connected to Okta. To that end, make sure your username is the same as your Okta/SLU username

After approval, the first page you see upon logging in is the Information Pages. These contain a list of equipment, services, submission policies, and frequently asked questions. Navigation between the pages is on the left side of the screen.

Watch a video overview here:


On the navigation bar, hover your mouse over Projects to access the dropdown menu. A project is generally set up to be the equivalent of a grant. A project can be used for multiple sample submissions or bookings. Each sample submission or booking time must be associated with a project and each project must have a fund number. How the projects are defined for your lab will depend on the Principal Investigator.


Note: A project should only be made with PI approval. Ideally, PI’s will be the owner of any project associated with their lab. This will allow them to keep track of any sample submissions or equipment bookings for their lab.

To see a list of all the projects, select Project Search from the dropdown menu. To join a project, select Project Membership Request and enter the appropriate project code or email the owner of the project or Caroline Murphy ( The project code can be found under Project Search.

All the projects you are part of will be listed under My Projects.

To create a project, select Create Project. The name of the project will be what is listed when selecting a project to associate with a service request or equipment booking. The fund number is the grant or account associated with that project. The type is either Internal (SLU lab) or external.


For each project, select Project Service Settings then *Choose services.

A pop-up with Service Selection will appear as shown above. From the dropdown menu, select any services that this project/grand/fund number can be used for. You can edit this at any time and a list will show up on the right.


Then select Project Resource Settings then Choose resources.


A new pop-up wil appear with a list of available resources that can be booked. Select the ones that will be used in association with the project and click Ok. The selected resources will be listed to the right and can be changed at any time.

Finally, select Users and add the people you want to have access to this project for specimen submission and booking equipment.

When finished, click Save in the upper left hand corner.


Watch a video tutorial on how to create a project here:

Watch a video tutorial on how to track all of your projects here:

Submitting Samples


To submit a sample, select Available Services from the drop down menu under Services. The majority of labs will be using the service shown below. Select Order from the upper right corner of the box. The RMHC service is for specimen submission as described in the box. Submission guidelines (such as fixation) can be found on the Information Pages drop-down menu.


A project is needed to submit a service order. The drop-down menu will only show projects that you are listed on. The owner is the person submitting the service order and will be the one emailed upon completion. Workflow and species are self-explanatory. If you are submitting tissues from two different species or for two different workflows (such as cryo and paraffin) please make a separate service order.

Service scope are the steps that will be needed for the order. These include processing, embedding, sectioning, etc. Select only the ones that are needed for your samples.


At the bottom under Specimens select Add or Add Many. You will need as many rows as you have tissue samples. The specimen label will be the label on both the slide and the cassette if the samples are processed by the RMHC. If multiple tissue types are intended to be within the same cassette, ensure they are submitted in the same container and listed together in the Tissue Type section. List the number of unstained slides in the appropriate column or leave blank if none are wanted. For stained slides, click Nothing selected under Staining and select all of the desired stains.


The notes section is for any additional instructions such as tissue orientation, antibodies to stain, the objective/magnification desired for imaging, clarifying anything that might be confusing, and etc.

When finished, select Save at the top of the screen.

Watch a Video Tutorial here:

Tracking Service Orders


From the Services dropdown menu select My Service Orders. Select a time range on the bottom left to pull up any service orders that have been submitted by you. A service order will only show up once it has been approved. The current status of the services order will be updated as it is worked on. Selecting the row of a specific order will bring up a copy of the original order submitted. The search can be refined using the left column or the row just below the navigation menu.

To track all the services on a particular project/grant, select My Projects’ Order from the Services drop-down menu. The page functions the same as above.

Watch the video tutorial here:

Booking Scope Time


From the Calendars dropdown menu, select the type of scope you want to book.

Note: You must be trained on the scope before you can use it. If you have not been trained, you will not have the correct permissions to book time on a particular instrument.


Microscopes you cannot book will be in red. On the left side, you can select whether or not such scopes are shown on the calendar under Resources. Just above the calendar to the right of the Calpendo logo, you can click the arrow icon to see the next week. On the right side above the calendar, you can switch between day/week/month views as well as switching of the columns and rows (using Vertical and Horizontal).

To book a time, click and drag from the desired start time to end time. You must select a project to be able to book time. Additionally, you can adjust the start and end time as well as set up an email reminder.


To cancel a booking, select it on the calendar and press edit. Select Cancel Booking on the bottom of the pop-up. You will be required to select a reason from the dropdown menu.


Live Tracking Microscope Time

In the near future, your microscope usage will be live tracked using the Resource Usage Session Recorder located under the Usage tab. This is replacing the paper sheet that is currently tracking actual usage vs. booked time.


You will need to select a project to associated with the time being recorded as well as the booking that it represents. Once selected, press Start Session. When you are done, press End Session.


Watch how to book and track scope time here: